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5 reasons to stay at Marina Fiesta.

About 1 year(s) ago by Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa

1. We are close to EVERYTHING!

Our location makes it easier for you to experience the best of Los Cabos. Thanks to being in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, you will have access to thousands of experiences, from the best activities to the best environment in downtown Cabo.

With a call to your concierge you can schedule unforgettable activities from boat trips watching the spectacular sunset that can only be admired in Cabo or activities full of adventure and pure adrenaline either in water or on land. You will also find so many different places for all your party preferences, from beach bars to dance clubs. Most of the nightlife in Cabo is located in one place: downtown. Then you can jump from one club to another really quick.

2. For the whole family.

If you travel with your family and you stay at Marina Fiesta, your children will be able to do activities created exclusively for them; activities thinking only for them, the kids will be the happiest and they will have an unforgettable vacation.

They can participate for a cost of $ 10 USD per hour in different activities in the game rooms or outdoor activities. If you have children between 4 to 11 years old, you can register them to enjoy a movie in the comfort of our kid's club, enjoy cultural entertainment or enjoy your favorite television programs. Holiday experiences allow us to discover talents that we did not know existed in us and the best thing of all is that they unite us as a family.

3. Richness in gastronomy: Golden Zone.

Marina fiesta is synonymous with Delicia, our hotel has the "Golden Zone" that offers you a gastronomic fusion never seen before. Strategically located for you to have an encounter with authentic flavors of the sea, Mexican aromas and tones that you can only find in our Golden Zone.

At the moment of leaving our hotel you will find Baja Lobster that invites you to taste the marine delicacies such as lobsters and freshly cut oysters. If you want to have an authentic Mexican experience, the wishes are for you; Our aromas are full of folklore and make you enjoy your meals with the joy that characterizes us Mexicans.

Take a walk through the Marina and get to know our gastronomic area, such as Jack's Steak House, Golden Legends, imomo Sushi house, Presto Italian cuisine and our deli Sandwich factory.

4. The best All Inclusive in Cabo.

Our all-inclusive package is one of the most complete in Los Cabos in addition to having a fair price, the All inclusive guarantee cover the basic needs of our guests, breakfast meals and drinks in one price.

With our all-inclusive packages you can access one of the most exclusive and luxurious Cabo San Lucas hotels, as well as taste our versatile gastronomy in one of our restaurants located within Hacienda Encantada.

Our specialty is that you live a true Mexican experience and have a vacation that leaves nothing to the imagination. Restaurants with haute cuisine, colors and touches totally colonial transport you to national times of gold.

5. Personalized service

In Marina Fiesta we found a way to serve you based on your vacation plan, to get to know you about creating a personalized service so that your experience with us is unique.

When you stay at Marina Fiesta you have the opportunity to make a selection of services that suits your needs; If you are "honey-mooner" or you are looking for a family retreat, we have a list of services to which you can access as long as you wish.

Concierge service, babysitting, transportation, among other services. Contact your nearest concierge or call our toll free number 1 (855) 484 47 90, you can also send us your questions to reservations@marinafiestaresort.com

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