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Marina Fiesta is changing its look.

About 1 year(s) ago by Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa

We are always looking for improvement in order to give you the best quality of service, because you deserve it. We know that you are not only staying with us, but you are trusting your vacation to us, so our number one goal is to give you the best vacation experience of your life.


We know that in order to provide you with excellent service we always have to be at the forefront and in constant change so that we not only seek to have the best staff but it is also our duty to keep our facilities in the best conditions.


But not only is it sufficient to keep the facilities in good condition, but we must also be in constant innovation. For that very reason we are looking for change... We are launching new lounge chairs! Yes, our lounges are red now, matching perfectly with our marine theme.


The striking tone of the new lounge chairs makes the pool areas a livelier and fun place. When you see them your mind will only think of spending your evenings by the pool with your drink always full...

The attendance depends on you... we take care of the drinks!
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