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The Ministry of Tourism granted Mexico Grand Hotels with the "H" prize.

About 2 year(s) ago by Andrea Hernández

Yesterday, the Ministry of Tourism of Baja California Sur granted Mexico Grand Hotels with 36 awards for the different restaurants and bars of the prestigious brand that includes Hotel Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences and Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa. Jesús G. Serafín Ochoa led the event, which in the name of the B.C.S.’ Ministry of Tourism gave the awards to Gerardo Martínez and Jesús Flores, operational managers of each hotel; the event took place in Marina Golden Zone with all the executive chefs and also the Food & Beverage Managers.

The “H” prize is an award given by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health, to those Food & Beverage establishments (local restaurants, resorts restaurants, coffee shops, etc.), that achieve all the sanitation measures set by the Mexican Standards NMX-F605 NORMEX 2004.
The "H" program is 100% PREVENTIVE, which ensures the warning of contamination that could cause foodborne illness; This program includes a training program for 80% of the operational staff and 100% of the middle and senior staff, this training is guided by a registered consultant with a profile in the chemical-medical-biological area, and the knowledge imparted are structured under guidelines dictated by a group of experts in the field.
The consultant's job is to offer the staff who work in the food and beverage establishments who request it, a series of recommendations and techniques for the washing, disinfection, cleaning, storage, freezing, refrigeration, thawing, personal hygiene, etc. To be implemented as a continuous improvement process.
During the delivery, Serafín Ochoa thanked the disposition of this company to be subject to these rules since, with these tools of certification of quality and hygiene in the food is much easier to get the information of the destination to more places and also it raises the quality of service that is offered by the providers of the same.
When the establishment is subject to these standards and achieves them, the Ministry of Tourism delivers the "H" prize, which is valid for one year.
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