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Explore A World Of Cabo Adventures At Every Turn

Whether you love to explore the city streets on a guided tour, want to ride a camel through the desert or hope to get some thrills riding on an ATV, there's so many fantastic experiences waiting to be discovered in Los Cabos. Gallop horses through foaming waves along the beach, zip through the wilderness in a dune buggy or fly high over scenic landscapes on a ziplining tour. No matter what type of experience you're looking for, there's a Cabo adventure waiting for you just around the corner.
ATV Tours Mexico

ATV Tours

Discover the beach, dessert and rugged Cabo San Lucas landscapes on a guided ATV tour through some of Mexico's most rugged, scenic terrain.
Mexico - 624-146-4650, USA 915-288-8687

Zip Line Tours

Fly over spectacular desert landscapes, whip through incredible canyons and lush gullies, and experience the thrill of a lifetime on a Cabo zip lining adventure.
Mexico, Buggies - Cabo Adventures

Buggies - Cabo Adventures

Discover the incredible Baja wilderness with a thrilling day of high-octane dune buggy adventure on this one-of-a-kind outdoor experience in Cabo San Lucas.
+52 624 173 9500
Safari in Mexico

Safari (Cabo Adventures)

Experience an incredible outdoor adventure complete with camel rides, beautiful outback views and enchanting beach vistas on this eco-tourism excursion of a lifetime.
+52 624 173 9500
Horseback Riding - Carisuva, Cabo San Lucas

Horseback Riding - Carisuva

Wander along gorgeous sandy beaches and through scenic desert landscapes to experience a peaceful horseback adventure that's perfect for riders of every age and skill level.
+52 624 105 1046
City Tours of Mexico

City Tours

Explore vibrant Cabo San Lucas on a guided tour through this scenic city that has transformed itself from a quiet fishing village to a world-class vacation destination.
+52 624 157 4299