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Save More With Our Cabo San Lucas Hotel + Air Package Deal

Planning your vacation in Cabo is so easy when you book your flight and room at the same time. Our hotel and air bundle saves you time and money, with up to 60% discounts on our rates simple airline reservations tailored to fit your schedule. You'll relax at our luxurious resort overlooking the marina and enjoy instant access to local attractions. For an even better deal, add on our fabulous all-inclusive dining option to enjoy a la carte dining at select fine restaurants and bars along at the Marina Golden Zone and at our sister resort - Hacienda Encantada. So don't wait. Book your vacation at our luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas today.

This Special Includes

  • Plush Resort Accommodations
  • 60% Off Standard Room Rates
  • Marina & Pool Views
  • Airfare Included
  • All-Inclusive Dining Option
  • Marina Golden Zone Location
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